What we do?

We develop tailored solutions when our Customers need to go beyond the boundaries of standard ‘out-of-the-box’ applications. We support any engagement model, including managed delivery, dedicated center of competence, as well as outstaffing. Our team will suggest implementation methodology (Agile, Scrum, Waterfall, etc.) that has the best fit to the Client’s needs. On top of that, Neoflex offers a reliable technical  support and maintenance service
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We perform implementation of complex specialized applications for financial sector, covering such areas as retail banking and customer relationship management, treasury, capital markets and enterprise risk management, regulation and compliance. We maintain partner relationships with 10+ world’s leading technology and software vendors. However, we also have a substantial experience of building business solutions based on open-source technology stack.
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Integration is in our DNA. We create dynamic and agile IT-infrastructures based on cutting-edge Microservice and SOA architecture technology and patterns. We integrate our Customers’ data in order to feed enterprise datawarehouse, analytical and business intelligence applications. We can make data start truly serving our Customer’s needs by combiinig most modern Big Data technology and smart machine-learning algorythms
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With our deep knowledge of business domain and extensive technology expertise, we can develop and leverage our Clients’  IT-strategy as well as find and propose a solution to any problems, affecting efficiency of business. Our recommendations are based on 12+ years of our own project experience with more than 70 Clients, being industry-leading institutions. Quality our work is proven in more than 300 project successfully accomplished every year
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How we do it?

We offer a system of techniques, principles and instruments which enables seameless and continuous software development and deployment to production
Fast data architecture
We apply new approaches and technologies for processing of large data volumes of information for business areas, where low-latency becomes a critical success factor
In-Memory Data Grid
We ensure blazing-fast access to the necessary data by using databases designed as distributed in-memory cluster.
Microservice Architecture
We build applications as a suite of small services for performing certain business functions.
We integrate and analyse data using modern visualization technologies

Where we are?

International presence
Neoflex provides services all over the world: we work with clients from more than 15 countries of Europe, Asia and Africa. The number of our international projects is constantly growing.
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Cross-industry experience
IT technologies offered by Neoflex ensure digital transformation of the business of our clients in different sectors, such as retail trade, logistics, agriculture, finances and so on.
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