Neoflex has created platforms for digital business transformation which helps our customers gain a sustainable competitive advantage in the digital age.

We focus on custom software development by using сutting edge technologies and modern software development methodologies.

Our customers include: Alfabank, Banca Intesa, Bank PSA Finance, BMW BANK, BNP Paribas Bank, Cetelem LLC, Citadel, ING Wholesale Banking, National Settlement Depository, OOO HSBC Bank (RR), PEC Company, Raiffeisen Bank, Renault‑Nissan captive bank, Sberbank, Societe Generale, OTP Bank, Toyota Financial Service, UniCredit Bank, VTB, Х5 Retail Group and many others.

300 projects each year
9 of 10 clients stay with us after first project implementation  
18 countries is the scope of international businesss
500+ experienced experts
1000+ man years of investments into the proprietary software products
customer service

Business areas

  • IT-consulting
  • Front end solutions for the financial products
  • Banking analytical and reporting systems
  • SOA landscapes
  • Risk Management
  • Electronic cooperation with state authorities
  • Automation of work on financial markets
  • Localization and implementation of foreign banking systems
  • Testing of IT systems

Mission and principles

  • Mission

    We contribute to the development of the financial sector of the Russian economy, assisting our clients to improve the technology of banking and financial activities in through the introduction of innovative IT-solutions.

  • Technological leadership and competency

    We work at the cutting edge of modern information and financial technologies and offer the most innovative and topical IT-solutions to our customers. We strive to be the best in the industry. We constantly upgrade our own software products, implement new technologies and tools, develop the methodology of our activity to ensure the highest quality result for a customer.

  • Customer focused

    We value our customers and their trust because we understand that it is their choice that gives us the opportunity to participate in innovative projects of the leading financial institutions. We respect and are interested in our customers, their decisions and choices. We always meet the principles of accuracy and business ethics in relation to our customers.

  • Professional responsibility

    We are responsible for undertaking obligations. Our assessments, recommendations, opinions and judgments are based on the experience of hundreds of our successful projects for the largest Russian and foreign financial institutions. We understand that we bear responsibility for each word, spoken to a customer, including our good will. We fulfill our obligations, accomplish all the started projects, even if we need to make more effort than it was planned.

  • Social responsibility

    We promote the development of the company’s intellectual potential, contribute to the professional growth of our employees due to the opportunity to develop business and personal competencies in the course of their participation in innovative and technological projects in the leading Russian financial institutions. We create good working conditions and strictly follow the statutory regulations in terms of relations between the company, the employees and the state.

We are trusted

Company history



In February 2005, the group of managers with a long experience in banking automation founded Neoflex, a company focused on rendering professional IT-services for financial institutions.


  • Neoflex becomes a partner of IBM and SAP.
  • Launch of the first projects in Sberbank, SDM-BANK and BNP Paribas.
  • Implementation of 18 projects for 9 clients.


The Company successfully expanded its activity to create SOA-landscapes and build banking data storages.


  • Neoflex fulfilled the project to create a unified information system for granting and servicing consumer loans of Rusfinance Bank (Societe Generale Group).
  • Completion of the first stage of IBM WebSphere-based integration project in Renaissance Credit bank.
  • Neoflex was among IBM Top 100 Business Partners.
  • Implementation of 25 projects for 14 clients.


Neoflex’s clients included foreign banks building IT-landscapes of their subsidiaries with due regard to the specific nature of Russian activity.


  • Completion of two major projects related to the implementation of foreign ABS for HSBC and BNP Paribas Vostok banks..
  • Completion of IBM WebSphere-based integration project in Khanty-Mansiysk Bank.
  • Neoflex completed the first stage to create the financial analysis system based on SAP BI platform for Khanty-Mansiysk Bank.
  • SOA-solution implemented by Neoflex accelerated Cetelem’s entry into the Russian market.
  • Neoflex acquired IBM Advanced Business Partner status.
  • Implementation of 64 projects for 17 clients.


Neoflex defined its product strategy. The first proprietary software products as Neoflex FrontOffice and Neoflex Reporting were developed.


  • KMB Bank (Intesa) Project: Neoflex participated in the integration of Temenos T24 System into SOA-landscape of the bank.
  • Neoflex automated the formation of mandatory bank reporting based on the data storage technology in Rusfinance Bank.
  • Neoflex acquired the status of IBM Premier Business Partner.
  • Neoflex Reporting system was developed.
  • Over 100 employees worked in Neoflex.
  • Implementation of 117 projects for 27 clients.


Despite the effects of the economic crisis in 2008, the company continued its growth and became a leader as to the number of successful SOA-projects in Russia.


  • Neoflex fulfilled its first projects for the Russian Regional Development Bank.
  • Neoflex implemented a  front-office application for customer support service in Renaissance Credit Bank.
  • Neoflex ensured the implementation and integration of corporate ABS in the Russian division of HSBC.
  • Completion of the first stage of Credit Factory Project in Sberbank.
  • Neoflex FrontOffice system was developed.
  • According to Expert RA, Neoflex was included into the TOP-5 fastest growing IT-companies in Russia.
  • Implementation of 128 projects for 30 clients.


Neoflex created Risk Management and Capital Markets practices.


  • Neoflex created the competence center for FICO solutions in Russia, and automated the collection activity in Rusfinance Bank based on FICO Debt Manager System.
  • With the help of an integration solution, Sberbank transferred all its regional banks to operate on the Credit Factory technology.
  • Neoflex fulfilled the integration project based on IBM WebSphere in Svyaznoy Bank.
  • Over 90% of mandatory reports of GE Money Bank, submitted to the Bank of Russia, were created by means of Neoflex Reporting.
  • Neoflex has more than 200 employees.
  • Implementation of 175 projects for 28 clients.


Focus on building loan conveyors based on Neoflex FrontOffice.


  • Neoflex developed a  front-office system to support retail sales of Rosbank.
  • Neoflex integration solution helped Tinkoff Credit Systems bank to improve the quality of customer service.
  • Neoflex fulfilled the first BI-project in Sberbank.
  • Khanty-Mansiysk bank automated the transfer resource management and overhead reappointment by means of Neoflex Reporting.
  • Neoflex Reporting system was implemented in BNP Paribas Bank.
  • Neoflex was awarded with RETAIL FINANCE AWARDS 2011 in the category «Best Integration Solution for Retail Banking».
  • Neoflex FrontOffice system was successfully certified under the program IBM Banking Industry Framework.
  • The Integrated Help Desk Service was created in the Company.
  • Neoflex opened its branch in Saratov.
  • Implementation of 252 projects for 38 clients.


Sustainable growth of Neoflex, expansion of the company’s product line and an increased number of international partners.


  • Neoflex started its first integration project using Oracle SOA Suite platform in VTB24 Bank.
  • Neoflex fulfilled the first integration project using Microsoft BizTalk platform for BMW Bank.
  • Neoflex became the sole partner of GoldenSource in Russia, and launched the first project to implement Securities&Products system in Sberbank.
  • Neoflex developed the methodology of risk management for auto loaning in Baltinvestbank, and automated the credit scoring process on the basis of FICO products.
  • Neoflex fulfilled the project for the implementation of Neoflex Reporting data storage for VTB Factoring. Neoflex and Transkapital bank successfully completed the implementation of automated system for lending decision-making and integration of  IT-systems involved in the process of granting retail loans.
  • Neoflex FrontOffice system was the first in Europe to acquire the status of IBM SVP Industry Authorization.
  • Neoflex released the product line Neoflex Adapters for the automation of interaction with government agencies through IEIS (Interagency Electronic Interaction System).
  • Neoflex has more than 300 employees.
  • Implementation of over 260 projects for over 40 clients.


The company focuses on building integrated business solutions for the automation of large functional blocks in banks by using its own and partner software products.


  • In 2013, Neoflex fulfilled more than 360 projects in 56 banks, 40 of which are included in the TOP 100.
  • For the first time, the company’s products and services were used by more than 10 banks and financial institutions, including: Sovcombank, Tatfondbank, INTERKOMMERTS, BFA Bank, Credit Bank of Moscow, the National Settlement Depository Probusinessbank, Sberbank CIB, YAR-Bank, Bank RN, Orient Express Bank and others.
  • New modules were created, including «Loan Conveyor for Auto Loans (for captive banks)»; «Mobile loans» and «Loan calculator» as part of Neoflex FrontOffice software system, as well as «Sales analysis of retail credit products» module in the Neoflex Reporting system; «Operating Front Office» solution was updated.
  • The industry’s largest integration project was implemented in VTB24 bank on Oracle SOA Suite platform; during which more than 600 integration services were developed.
  • Neoflex automated the process of consumer crediting on the basis of Neoflex FrontOffice and FICO OM DM in the Asia-Pacific Bank.
  • NOMOS-Bank successfully used Neoflex FrontOffice system for the automation of mortgages for two years. The Bank was included into the 15 largest Russian banks in terms of assets and was ranked 5th in terms of the mortgage portfolio.
  • Completion of the complex automation of auto loans in PH bank of the Renault-Nissan group. Neoflex FrontOffice, FICO OM DM, FICO Debt Manager systems were introduced; the applications were integrated using IBM Web Sphere ESB.
  • The pilot project to automate the calculation of mandatory standards based on Neoflex Reporting was successfully carried out in Renaissance Credit Bank; after this, the bank decided to automate all mandatory reporting in the partnership with Neoflex.
  • The control over credit card limits was automated in Vostochny Express Bank on the basis of FICO Blase Advisor.
  • Neoflex started a large-scale project to create the Single Database of Financial Instruments Quotes for Sberbank as well as the automation project of the corporate information center at the National Settlement Depository, using GoldenSource software.
  • Due to a huge number of implementation projects of Neoflex Adapters product line, Neoflex was included into the top three companies in terms of automation of interaction with government agencies.
  • For the 5th time in 9 years, Neoflex was awarded with the IBM Top 100 Business Partner Awards.
  • Neoflex has more than 350 employees.
  • The number of employees in the Saratov branch increased 3 times and became more than 60. The company was included into the four largest IT-employers in the region.


The steady development of the company continued in all major areas of activity. Neoflex invested into its own software products, improved processes, focused on improving the quality of services and strengthening partnerships with key customers.


  • In 2014, Neoflex cooperated with 60 financial institutions, 40 of which are included in the TOP 100.
  • For the first time, 16 banks and financial institutions used the products and services of the company, including the State Corporation «Deposit Insurance Agency», ROSSIYSKY CAPITAL Bank, ROST Bank, M2M Private Bank, UniCredit Bank, OTP Bank, Saint-Petersburg Bank, and Uraltransbank.
  • According to the results of the largest integration project in VTB24, Neoflex continued its cooperation in the status of a general contractor on integration solutions on Oracle SOA Suite platform within the program of building a new IT platform in VTB24 bank.
  • The integration project of VTB24 Bank was recognized as the best IT-solution for a retail bank by The Retail Finance magazine.
  • Neoflex Integra, a packaged integration solution that includes the components ready for transparent, quick and painless integration of information systems, was introduced to the market.
  • The industrial operation launch of the solution for the automation of the corporate information center at the National Settlement Depository, using GoldenSource software.
  • The start of the project to create a new platform of retail lending in OTP Bank.
  • Implementation of the first stage of the project on mandatory reporting automation based on Neoflex Reporting in Setelem Bank LLC.
  • Automation of analytics and reporting on banking risks in BMV Bank, after that the bank began implementing Neoflex Reporting for mandatory reporting.
  • The module «Sales Analysis» fr om Neoflex Reporting was implemented in BFA Bank.
  • New forms of the Central Bank were added to Neoflex Reporting: 0409122, 0409126, 0409127, functionality for calculating the norms according to Basel 3 standards, and flexible configuration and automated calculation of transfers to generate management reports were implemented in the system.
  • Launch of the comprehensive project to automate the consumer lending business process based on Neoflex FrontOffices solution using IBM BPM and FICO OM DM in CB INTERKOMMERTS (LLC).
  • Neoflex FrontOffice developed a new mechanism for processing loan applications, which enables business users to manage online priorities and set up rules without the help of IT professionals.
  • The speed of loan applications processing in Neoflex FrontOffice significantly increased due to the use of the service for recognition of scanned documents of a bank customer while registering a loan application.
  • As a part of the import substitution program, Neoflex FrontOffice was integrated with Neoflex Decision Module — the decision-making system, implemented on the basis of JBoss Drools opensource software.
  • Completion of the project for lim it management on credit cards in Saint-Petersburg Bank based on FICO products.
  • Neoflex and GUARDEAN product supplier, SHS VIVEON Company, signed a partnership agreement.
  • Implementation of the integration for a new online banking system using modern hardware and software complex IBM WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliances XI52 in Renaissance Credit bank.
  • The contact center of Renaissance Credit Bank, which used the module «Customer Service» of Neoflex FrontOffice system, was awarded with three awards at the international competition «Crystal Headset».
  • The concept of SOA-project management was developed, and a number of integration projects in Probuiznesbank and FG Life were performed.
  • According to a survey of NBJ, 30.9% of the respondents believe that Neoflex offers the optimal solution for the interaction of banks with the Federal Service of Court Bailiffs based on Neoflex Adapters platform.
  • Launch of new adapters providing the interaction with the Federal Tax Service, the Federal Bailiff Service and the Federal Notary Chamber in the product line of Neoflex Adapters. More than 40 banks used Neoflex Adapters products.
  • For the 8th time in 10 years, Neoflex was awarded with the annual award for sustainable promotion of IBM technology in the financial sector.


Neoflex celebrates 10-year anniversary 

  • In 2015 the сompany cooperated with more than 70 financial institutions, 45 of which are included in TOP-100 Russian banks.
  • More than 10 financial institutions became new clients of Neoflex, including National Payment Cards System, Touch Bank, Delta Credit, Soyuz Bank, Round Bank, LLC, Accept Bank.
  • Sberbank, SDM-Bank, Renaissance Credit Bank, Rusfinance Bank, BNP PARIBAS Bank, Inteza Bank, CentroCredit Bank are the clients with whom the Company has been maintaining successful and effective relationships for about 10 years.
  • Neoflex expands its business beyond the traditional financial sphere. Its new clients are X5 Retail Group and the PEK, leaders of retail and logistics business.
  • The company sufficiently increased a number of projects, where industrial platforms with an open source code play a key role, such as Suite CRM, JBossFuse, ApacheCamel, JBoss JBPM, JBossDrools and others.
  • The company started investing in the development of software products for the creation of BigData-based analytical applications and reporting systems: ApacheHadoop and ApacheSpark. First pilot projects on the optimization of reporting processes using these technologies were started.
  • 45 000 000 messages per day are transmitted to banks through Neoflex integration solutions.
  • The largest integration project in VTB24 Bank continues developing: systems that test and monitor USBL (Universal Banking Services Layer) key parameters in real-time mode were embedded.
  • The Neoflex Integra integration solution was successfully implemented in M2M Private Bank just in 3 months.
  • 50 terabytes is the total volume of financial information in the Neoflex Reporting data warehouses. Implementation of the Neoflex Reporting system was started for automation of regulatory reporting in some banks, such as RRDB (Russian Regional Development Bank), Centro Credit, BMW Bank, Renaissance Credit and other financial institutions. In accordance with the legislation, new forms of reporting were introduced into the Neoflex Reporting system, for example, 0409303 “Data on the loans granted to legal entities”. The form is built in accordance with new approach of the Bank of Russia, and contains not final calculated figures, but detailed data on the loans up to the tranche of a loan facility.
  • The Neoflex Reporting system received the OracleExadataOptimized status that when used together confirms the performance improvement of Neoflex Reporting up to 200 times.
  • Neoflex Front Office loan conveyers process 1 700 000 requests every month. A comprehensive project for a new retail online bank of Touch Bank was implemented: a credit conveyer based on Neoflex Front Office was embedded, a credit decision-making strategy based on FICO BlazeAdvisor was developed, the CRM-system, ABS (Automated Banking System), data warehouses, the DBO (Remote Banking Services) system and processing were integrated in shared information space based on the IBM IntegrationBus platform. 
  • The credit conveyer developed in RN Bank on the basis of Neoflex Front Office is used in more than 400 sale points and became available to 15 000 clients, to whom the Bank offers about 100 loan products. Some projects were launched using the SugarCRM platform, one of the world’s most popular CRM-systems. 
  • The Vostochny Bank completed its cross-sales automation project based on the FICO BlazeAdvisor system. 
  • The National Settlement Depository (NSD) launched the integration of information systems of the Interfax news agency and NSD Corporate Information Center powered by Golden Source under the RU DATA project. 
  • The company has successfully completed its first international project on development of a new module of Golden Source 360 EDM Market Data Solution. 
  • More than 50 financial institutions have automated their online interactions with governmental authorities with the help of Neoflex Adapters software products. 
  • The branch network of UniCredit Bank uses Neoflex FNS Adapter to automate its electronic document flow with the Federal Tax Service.  


Neoflex completes its first projects, utilizing Big Data technologies for creating IoT (Internet of Things) solutions, data analysis activities, as well as microservice architecture based projects for building and integrating front office applications. The company expands its business in new vertical markets. The project experience of Neoflex becomes in demand on the international scale.


  • In 2016, Neoflex had 73 customers, with more than a half of them being TOP-100 Russian banks.
  • New customers of Neoflex included: Citadele (Latvia), Digital Finance International, Rand Merchant Bank (RSA), Piraeus Bank (Greece), LLC Bank PSA Finance RUS, Alfa-Bank, International Investment Bank, and SMP Bank among others.
  • The company kept expanding its business actively: A representative office in Hong Kong for dealing with the Southeast Asian market, as well as a new branch in Voronezh, were opened. The company staff increased by more than 50 persons.
  • The company's corporate identity and website were updated to include more detailed information on the solutions, customers, and projects completed by Neoflex.
  • In BNP Paribas Bank, a project was launched in regard to the replacement of the conventional ETL-platform that was used to upload data in Neoflex Reporting powered by Neoflex DataGram — a unique software accelerator created by Neoflex experts using Big Data technologies.
  • In a large logistics company, a project was launched in regard to the creation of cargo operations planning center in more than 100 logistics centers. The newest Big Data technologies allowed the customer to reorganize daily plans in real time, depending on the actual performance, and deliver a large cargo volume to its customers just in time.
  • For a situation center of a large agricultural holding, Big Data technologies enabled the development of a solution that ensured online monitoring and detecting of suspicious incidents associated with each stage of crop harvesting and transportation.
  • The project involving the implementation of the solution powered by SuiteCRM was completed with the aim of automating wholesale banking in Transkapitalbank. The processes of client base and lead management, loan application review, etc. were automated. The project results were presented at Х Retail Finance Forum in collaboration with the customer's representatives.
  • Electronic factoring IT infrastructure was created for X5 Retail Group on the basis of the open source industrial integration and BPM platform.
  • IBM awarded Neoflex for the implementation of the first project in Russia that adopted IBM BPM for PEC Logistics Department.
  • VTB 24, in the interests whereof Neoflex had been developing the central ESB ULoBS (Universal Layer of Banking Services) for more than 4 years already, trusted the company to maintain and further develop its credit conveyor that processed all SME and personal applications for different types of credit products: consumer credits, credit cards, mortgage, automobile loans.
  • The main automobile loan Neoflex Front Office-based system of PH Bank received new functionality, ensuring reduced process time and increased efficiency of loan applications review: document scan recognition system enabled, a number of manual operations automated, and new application enrichment services implemented. Besides, the product catalog functionality was enhanced to reduce time to market for new credit programs.
  • The Neoflex Front Office system received functionality that enabled the automated processing of applications in regard to automobile (new and used) leasing deals for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.
  • In the view of new regulatory requirements in the financial sector, such as SA-CCR, FRTB, IFRS9, etc., the company actively expanded its expertise in the field of risk management and econometric modeling.
  • Neoflex enhanced relationships with its partners — the world leading providers of software for financial organizations — Misys and GoldenSource. In 2016, the company participated in the annual conference Misys Connect Forum 2016 in Dubai, as well as gained the status of Misys leading regional partner (EMEA and APAC regions) as to the comprehensive software platform for risk management automation Misys Fusion Risk.

  • Neoflex kept expanding its business in the international market: a project for the South African investment bank Rand Merchant Bank launched in collaboration with GoldenSource, a project involving the implementation of Misys Fusion Risk in International Investment Bank launched, the first project for the Latvian bank Citadele in regard to credit strategy implementation completed using the open source JBoss Drools platform.
  • In 2016, the international projects accounted for more than 20 % of the revenues of the Financial Markets and Risk Management Technologies business area.
  • The cooperation with CB Renaissance Credit was upgraded to the new level of partner relationships. The cooperation history started in 2008 from the first SOA projects. Currently, Neoflex provides comprehensive IT services in the following areas: bank ESB development, automation of the processes of reporting to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, government affairs, risk management, comprehensive support of IT systems, including 24/7. In 2016, in terms of the strategic partnership, the company shifted to a more efficient form of organizational and legal agreements, subject to the scope and complexity of IT services rendered.
  • A project was completed in regard to the integration of LLC Round Bank and PJSC MegaFon IT systems that were necessary for implementing the processes of issuance and subsequent servicing of bank cards provided to the carrier's subscribers.
  • The project was completed in regard to the adoption of the IBM Integration Bus-based integration solution for integration of the customer self-service system and CRM with the internal bank systems in Asian-Pacific Bank.
  • In Bank Saint-Petersburg PJSC, an integration solution was implemented to ensure the interaction between the Internet bank, ABS, and risk platform for enabling forex market rate transmission, which allowed the bank to adopt the in-demand conversion service in regard to market rates for 92 currency pairs.
  • BMW Bank completed the adoption of the automated Neoflex Reporting system for reporting to the Central Bank. In the bank, multiple forms of regulatory reporting were automated, including 0409101, 0409115, 0409118, 0409123, 0409125, 0409126, 0409127, 0409128, 0409135, 0409157, 0409303, 0409401, 0409410, and 0409634.
  • CentroCredit Bank completed the first stage of Neoflex Reporting adoption. Currently, 0409102, 0409110, 0409122, and many other forms are adopted in the bank.
  • CB Renaissance Credit completed the next stage of Neoflex Reporting adoption. 0409128, 0409129, 0409302, and 0409135 forms were adopted. Therefore, currently more than 15 forms of regulatory reporting are utilized in the bank.
  • Neoflex kept developing the Neoflex Adapters line. Software products for interaction with the state information system of the housing and utilities services, the Federal Notarial Chamber, and the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation were released.
  • The changes in the formats of current products that were determined by the Federal Bailiff Service and the Federal Tax Service requirements, as well as amendments to laws on the public information system for regional and local payments, were timely supported.
  • Support of the shift to new IEIS 3.0 interaction formats, as well as of legislation amendments, particularly, in regard to compliance with provision 440-P of the Federal Tax Service, was initiated.


Neoflex provides business digital transformation of organizations from more than 15 countries of Europe, Africa and South-Eastern Asia.
In the conditions of growing complexity of modern IT solutions, processes of their creation and operation, the company develops new expertise and masters modern technologies. Neoflex is engaged in:
  • Creation of high-load and highly available information systems with the use of Microservices Architecture of applications, Streaming processing, in-memory data processing, etc.
  •  Automation of reporting, risk modelling, cost optimization due to the use of processing means and analysis of large data amount, math modelling, artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • Development of ergonomic interfaces and business logic for applications creating new value for conventional business processes and products with emphasis on UX – user experience. The methodologies of Service Design, CJM (customer journey maps) and Design Thinking are actively applied.
  • Provision of high speed of development of business processes for customers (Time-to-market) with using of DevOps practices providing continuous automatic process of software development, deployment and operation.


Development of the company

  •  In 2017, 80 customers in more than 15 countries work with Neoflex.
  •  Neoflex team includes more than 400 highly qualified experts who have completed more than 250 projects over the year.
  •  Among new Neoflex customers: National Clearing Centre (Moscow Exchange Group), Zenith banks in Nigeria, Alpha Bank in Greece, Sekerbank in Turkey, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and Bank of Dave in Great Britain, Deutsche Kreditbank in Germany, Resona in Indonesia, VPBank in Vietnam and others.
  • The company has two new engineering divisions: DevOps configuration management department and UX/UI design practice.
  • The company has reformed the system of professional growth and career progress of employees following principles of international “living” organizations. Transparent grade system defines common understanding of the title “weight” for employees and managers, measures the value contribution of employees to the company’s business, as well as promotes the development of “human” knowledge-based capital.
  • In the new branch in the city of Voronezh, a team responsible for all major business areas of the company has been formed. Educational center was opened on the basis of Voronezh Institute of High Technologies.
Logistics is a new quality of online transport logistics due to the use of Big Data technology

  • Neoflex continues to improve its expert positions in new industries. In PEK, one of the largest Russian logistics companies, Transportation Control Center (TCC) – IT solution designed to improve the efficiency of cargo transportation planning and forecasting as well as monitoring of cargo balances in the warehouses was brought into operation. The project is implemented in Agile concept on the basis of software products from Big Data technological stack and Microservice Architecture (Apache Spark, SnappyData, Kafka, Akka, PostgreSQL, ReactJS, Apache Zeppelin, Kibana).
Datagram is a unique platform for developing BigData applications

  • Neoflex DataGram is a visual platform for development of applications for big data processing by means of Apache Spark. It is designed with the use of Model Driven Architecture principles and allows you to generate Scala code of data conversions automatically. The platform received a number of new functions. The implemented features include support for array processing and structures for working with arbitrary level nesting data (xml, avro, json), expanded capabilities for data processing and qualification using Jboss Drools. In addition, it is possible to trace the dependencies between source and receive data (Lineage) automatically. Also, more complete support of Spark Catalyst Optimizer was implemented.
  • During the year 2017, Neoflex Datagram was successfully deployed by such large customers as BPN Paribas and National Clearing Centre (Moscow Exchange Group), as well as demonstrated its efficiency to solve a wide range of tasks from mandatory reporting to creation of high-load systems for data processing in batch and streaming modes.
Data Lake: instruments for analysis of new generation data

  •  The project of Data lake creation for Risk Department based on bank data and data from external sources was completed at VTB Bank. Data Lake combined information from corporate data warehouse, two specialized reserve and rating databases as well as replies of external service – Specialists of Risk Department are provided with ad-hoc analysis tools and modelling with the use of machine learning. Regular calculation of credit risk factors in SME segments and corporate clients is made. Data Lake infrastructure provides data storage in various formats, specialists’ multiuser access to analytical and modeling tools without the risk of data loss and impact on the performance of regular IT-procedures.
Mandatory reporting: increasing speed, decreasing the cost of ownership

  • New generation of reporting system was released – Neoflex Reporting Big Data Edition significantly speeds up the process of report generation due to the use of big data technology and in-memory calculation. In addition, the cost of its ownership along with increased scalability and fail-over protection is reduced due to the use of Hadoop. Business users received new visual tools for customization of the calculation algorithms, creation of their own reporting and interpretations without involvement of IT professionals. New version of the system provides extended capabilities for working with reporting data equal to MS Excel tools in simplicity and convenience, and built-in monitoring system allow to trace all user actions.
  • First stage of Neoflex Reporting Big Data Edition implementation is completed in National Clearing Center (NCC) affiliated with Moscow Exchange group and fulfilling functions of the clearing entity and central contractor in financial market. The project involves automation of 37 forms of mandatory reporting and 28 forms of tax reporting. Six months after the start of works, the Customer initiated commercial reporting delivery with the help of new system. Apart from reporting automation, the use of Big Data technologies also allowed to place a ready-made Data Lake at Customer disposal, complete with clients’ information, balance data, as well as information on securities and assets.
  • A new full-scale project for automation of CB-reporting at ING Bank, where since 2011 management reporting for parent bank is formed with the help of Neoflex Reporting. A joint Neoflex and bank team conducts work using Agile (Scrum) technology that allows to receive supreme customized product.
  • Neoflex ensures compliance with legislation changes actualizing its products and services according to the latest trends of regulator. The new mandatory reporting form 0409120, “Data on concentration risk”, adopted by Central Bank of the Russian Federation from October 1, 2017, has been already implemented with a number of customers: Russian Regional Development Bank, BNP, Paribas, Rusfinance Bank, and others. Employees of the company are members of working group of Central Bank of the Russian Federation for development of XBRL requirements, customers will be provided with support for transition to a new reporting format.
Best practices in the field of risk management and IFRS9 standard compliance automation

  • Neoflex was the first among Russian IT companies to successfully complete projects on IFRS9 standard compliance automation for several major European banks. Using the accumulated experience, Neoflex helps its Russian customers successfully adapt local interpretation of IFRS9 (instructions of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation No. 604, 605, 606п and 590П) becoming effective on January 1, 2019.
  • In 2017, Neoflex gained significant experience in risk management automation. More than 15 international projects in the field of automation of credit, transaction and market risks, assets and liabilities management (ALM), and also ICAAP/ILAAP requirements, Basel III liquidity ratio. Our customers include a major African bank – Zenith, European banks Alpha Bank (Greece), EBRD, Deutche Kreditbank, Melli Bank UK, Sekerbank in Turkey, Resona bank in Indonesia and other financial institutes.
Neoflex develops its own unique expertise in the field of implementation of specialized Master Data Management class systems

  • In 2017 Neoflex continues to develop solutions based on the GoldenSource platform in Sberbank of Russia, National Settlement Depository (NSD) and Rand Merchant Bank in RSA. The launch of a new project on behalf of German provider of information services – Rating Service Unit (RSU) and their major customers: Landesbank Baden-Wurttemberg and Deka Bank – became a significant landmark.

New quality of integration, decrease of time to market by means of microservice architecture 

  • As part of cooperation with Vietnamese VPBank, a new comprehensive approach for further development of the architecture of the integrative solution combining SOA principles, microservice architecture and Open API standards has been created. Based on this approach, a new solution was successfully implemented allowing customers of Viettel mobile network operator to conduct transfers without opening an account, top up mobile phone balance, use personal financial scheduler, etc.
  • As part of a transformation of an integrated solution of “Renaissance Credit” bank developed by the company for more than 10 years, a joint team of the bank and Neoflex developed a concept of the microservice architecture and principles of microservice management. During services development, DevOps elements (automated unit testing, assembly and installation of program components as per schedule) were used in the new architecture.
  • In VTB24 bank, a high-load system was deployed for guaranteed execution of financial operations in accounting systems of the bank. Designed with regard to continuous growth of transactions amount, it easily withstood peak loads at the end of the year. A DevOps-based approach contributed to success of the project: automated expansion of test environments, automated testing including load testing, auto builds and auto installation.
    UI/UX development of ergonomic interfaces and business logic of applications 

  • The company launched a new branch – professional department of UX development, design and usability. This competency allows Neoflex to provide customers with full-cycle projects: from modelling and designing of digital projects to their development and implementation using advanced methodology and practices of design thinking, Jobs-to-be-done and customer journey mapping.
  • Under a project for the Saint Petersburg Bank, a functional prototype of Quotation Desk business application was developed for mobile devices and online banking. Information architecture of the product, taking into consideration needs of different users and specific character of currency exchange transactions, was developed. The developed architecture and logic of the business application are focused on the comfort of customers of Saint Petersburg Bank and their involvement in the processes of currency exchange transaction.
  • Bests DevOps practices for development and maintenance 

  • A DevOps laboratory was established in Neoflex. Experienced engineers develop practices for the maintenance of continuous process of development, implementation and operation of software according to the best CI/CD practices. It helps to provide best quality and pace of development of Neoflex solutions. DevOps professionals are mandatory participants of all projects of the company for the development of high-load and scalable information system.
  • In Saint Petersburg Bank, under the Quotation Desk business application project, Neoflex DevOps engineers implemented a platform for managing the life-cycle microservice applications based on OpenShift, aimed at execution of remote currency exchange transactions. The solution provides fast time-to-market and high availability during operation of microservices applications and efficiency of further microservice development.
  • With the help of the DevOps laboratory specialists, CI/CD processes automation solution was developed for Neoflex Reporting Big Data Edition new generation reporting system, allowing to perform builds, installation, and testing. It gives you an opportunity to work with more environments and versions developed during the same period; maintain vast libraries of auto-tests and test data, while maintaining a short duration of testing cycles.
  • Maintenance of high-load business critical solutions: provision of high accessibility and continuous adaptation for growing business requirements

  • During the previous year, Neoflex provided VTB Bank adaptation of ULBS (Universal Layer of Banking Services) matching constantly growing volumes of transactions without decrease of service quality. The growth of load for the year is equal to 60%. This result was achieved by means of a wide range of modernizations: further horizontal scaling of the Oracle SOA Suite platform, creation of a standby circuit in a separate DPC to ensure disaster recovery, deep tuning of the platform and close collaboration with experts from the Oracle company on a daily basis.
  • Total amount of supported servers of applications in 2017 exceeded 1,100. There were both popular commercial solutions from leaders of the industry IBM and Oracle and open source solutions among them. The wide use of DevOps tools and practices as well as an implemented system of engineers’ training and certification enables to provide our customers with prompt service of exceptional quality along with significant volumes.
  • In 2017, the company for the first time began providing maintenance services for high-load solutions developed with the use of FastData technologies In Memory DataGrid and Microservice Architecture.
  • Rich experience of Neoflex specialists in the field of implementation and management of IT services has found international acknowledgement: specialists of the company have successfully passed the ITIL® Expert Certificate in IT Service Management certification.
  • High-load resilient credit mortgage pipelines

  • AT VTB24, Neoflex develops a loan pipeline that ensures application processing for all loan products of the bank. In 2017, auto and mortgage lending were successfully automated using the system, in addition to the cash loans feature, credit cards and SME crediting processes. Pipeline receives applications from 4 front-end systems of the bank and provides automated decision making on them. The volume of processed applications is equal to 20 thousand per day.
  • Turnkey solution for SME: lending automation and KYC

  • Neoflex Company updated a solution for work with small and medium-sized enterprises, automating servicing and lending processes for legal entities with two new modules: KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering). The module consolidates information about customers of the bank and specifies process of account opening and customer monitoring allowing to conduct complex analysis of customers and their operations compliance with requirement of the Federal Law No. 115-FZ and Provision of Bank of Russia No.499-П. The first deployment was performed in SDM-Bank.
  • Turnkey solution for auto leasing

  • Neoflex Company developed a solution automating full cycle of processing of leasing applications of enterprises and individual entrepreneurs. The system enriches applications with data about lender, data from internal and external sources (Spark, FMS, National Bureau of Credit Histories) and applies risk strategies in order to make decisions. In order to accelerate the process of decision making concerning the lender, open-source jBOSS jBPM (business process management) automation tools of business processes and FlexiCapture system developed by ABBYYY for automated documents recognition using OCR technology are used.
  •  Neoflex develops solutions based on the SuiteCRM platform

  • For more than 3 years, the company develops expertise in the field of automation of business processes in banks based on SuiteCRM. During this time, expertise centered for platform was established, having over 20 professionals with SuiteCRM implementation experience in Russian banks. The result of these implementations was a turn-key SME solution, consolidating the processes of selling, servicing, lending, KYC and financial monitoring. The modular solution can be adapted to specificity of bank requirements. In 2017, this solution was implemented in SDM-Bank.
  • High-performance scalable solutions for interaction with government bodies

  • To support migrating Neoflex Adapters solution to IEIS 3, Neoflex used new technological stack based on microservices, distributed system of messaging Apache Kafka and libraries of Netty network interaction. The updates allow to support high performance of the solutions and scale them depending on the loads due to need of bank business.
  • AK BARS and Unicredit bank use Neoflex Adapters solution for interaction with Federal tax service within the framework of 440-П provision. The implementation of the solution allowed multi-branch banks to automate the process of messaging in conditions of regulatory requirements strengthening regarding the amount and complexity of incoming requests.


Neoflex accompanies the digital transformation of its customers' business, helping them compete on digital channels, reduce the time-to-market and increase the efficiency of processes.

In creating business applications that allow customers to achieve leadership in the era of digital economy, Neoflex uses the DevOps approach, focusing on modern technologies such as the microservice application architecture, streaming-processing, Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Neoflex Datagram and Neoflex MSA Platform, our proprietary solutions and components that enable accelerating software development, have obtained a new development impetus.

Geography: Russia, Great Britain, Latvia, France, Germany, Georgia, Malta, Greece, Turkey, Jordan, India, Pakistan, Cape Verde, Vietnam, Indonesia, Nigeria, Angola, South Africa.

New clients: Arab Bank, BAI, BAI Cabo Verde, FINCA Impact Finance, Lombard, Bank Melli Iran, SBI Bank, Ural FD Bank, Otkritie Bank.


  • The new-generation Neoflex Reporting Big Data Edition reporting system successfully operates at the National Clearing Center, which is ranked 4th in terms of assets among Russian banks and which acts as the settlement bank of the Moscow Exchange. As part of the project, more than 40 forms of compulsory and tax reporting have been developed, while the time for preparing daily reports has been reduced from several hours to 25 minutes. The central element of the solution is the Neoflex Datagram, a visual platform for developing Big Data applications, through which all data processing and calculation indicators are implemented.
  • The "Quoted Board" service was launched for Saint Petersburg Bank clients. It enables clients to make foreign exchange transactions online using a specialized section on the bank's website. The system ensures real-time monitoring of currency rates, conversion and forward transactions, as well as one-click settlements. The solution is built within a microservice architecture using Neoflex MSA Platform.
  • One of the key tasks at VTB Bank was solved – ensuring the uninterrupted operation of the universal layer of banking services (USBS), an integration solution combining the bank’s main information systems. Under the conditions of a constantly increasing workload after the merger of VTB Group banks and organic growth of its business, the number of messages from internal and external sources exceeded 1000 per second.
  • The “Transportation Control Center” (TCC) solution, developed for PEK company using Big Data technologies, microservice architecture and in-memory computing technologies, allowed the customer to track the movement of goods online. The TCC enables predicting stock balances more than a month in advance with accuracy up to each cargo unit. Owing to this, the quality of management decisions is rising, the transportation costs are now lower, and the cargo delivery deadlines are now being met even more thoroughly.
  • The IFRS9 Requirements Automation Project was implemented for FINCA Impact Finance Company, which is represented in 20 countries of Latin and Central America, Africa, Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia and is considered one of the most influential microfinance organizations in the world. The solution was implemented on Finastra FusionRisk platform – one of the leading software products in its class. Following the project implementation, the customer is now able to ensure compliance with the IFRS9 regulatory requirements, as well as to improve the efficiency and profitability management of its credit business worldwide.
  • Financial monitoring system was introduced within SDM-Bank PJSC based on SuiteCRM. Following the project implementation, a completely new IT system has appeared in the bank’s IT landscape. Its launch has allowed the customer to significantly reduce the complexity of client activity analysis and tighten control over financial transactions as per the requirements of the Russian Federal Law 115-FZ. Besides, the bank now has the opportunity to maintain up-to-date electronic client files as per the requirements of the KYC Procedure, to ensure their financial monitoring and to conduct expert council meetings in electronic format in a prompt manner.

Technologies and Solutions

  • Microservices and DevOps
    Based on our experience in the field of DevOps process automation, we have created the Neoflex MSA Platform. This is a cloud solution designed for developing business applications based on microservice architecture. The platform includes modern software life cycle management tools, namely continuous development tools, testing, delivery of applications and their operation. Neoflex MSA Platform helps customers significantly speed up the development time and run complex IT solutions at a lower cost.
  • Big Data
    The Neoflex Datagram visual development platform for Big Data applications has allowed Neoflex’s clients to both dramatically accelerate and simplify the process of creating analytical solutions while optimizing their technical support. Created using the Model Driven Architecture approach, Neoflex Datagram provides visual design of data processing flows and automatic code generation in the Scala language, featuring the Spark library to be executed on a Hadoop cluster.
  • Data Science
    We have formed our own team of experts in the field of Data Science specializing in mathematical modeling in the field of risk management. This way, we have gained a large practical experience in implementing projects on credit risk modeling (including the development of scoring cards, internal rating models, PD, LGD, EAD models and IFRS9 macroeconomic adjustment, etc.) and on the development of other forecasting and optimization models based on ML/AI algorithms using Neoflex Datagram.
  • UI/UX
    Our specialized team in this area has gained experience in UX and CX research, analytics and client workshops, having delivered a number of projects on frontend development for highly loaded systems. Using advanced methodologies and design thinking practices, we have shaped user interfaces for business applications ordered by Saint Petersburg Bank, SBI Bank, BAI, etc.
  • Open Banking API
    Neoflex has completed a whole range of projects on building Open API class solutions powered by the specialized industrial platforms WSO2 API Manager and IBM API Connect. The solutions are built within a microservice architecture based on Neoflex MSA Platform. This enables customers to create new interfaces quickly and integrate them into their IT landscape. The organizations featuring the Open API can connect new partners more quickly, thus significantly expanding their own client base and offer portfolio.