Petrocommerz Bank

In June, 2015, Petrocommerz Bank joined to “FC Otkritiye” Bank.

The group of branches, repeating the geography, was created in the structure of “FC Otkritiye” on the basis of Petrocommerz Bank. The branch of Petrocommerz Bank “FC Otkritiye» was opened in Moscow.

All branches, established on the basis of Petrocommerz Bank, have a special status in the structure of “FC Otkritiye”. Their major activity is to serve the largest Russian oil company OJSC LUKOIL and its employees. The joining of Petrocommerz Bank to FC Otkritie Bank became the final step in the bank integration into the Otkritie financial group, which was announced in October 2013, and is one of the most notable examples of the consolidation of large private equity in the Russian banking market.

Completed projects

  • Implementation of FICO Capstone Decision Accelerator

Embedded products

  • FICO Capstone Decision Accelerator

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