«Renaissance Credit», one of the leaders in retail lending, has completed the first phase of introduction of a new online bank. It chose a specialized hardware-software complex IBM WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliances XI52, providing a fast and continuous transformation of large datasets and their management, as well as security of information and services, including while working with customers and partners. The system is actively used by the world leaders in the IT industry and is among the top IMB products.

One of the main objectives of the project was to provide the speed and reliability of customer service through the Internet. IBM WebSphere DataPower allows simplifying and accelerating communication between intra-bank services and Internet applications or gateways. The results of the pilot project and testing conducted by «Neoflex» together with the bank in 2012, showed that IBM WebSphere DataPower is 100 times more efficient than IBM WebSphere ESB when processing simple, consumer Internet queries. IBM WebSphere DataPower has virtually no rivals on the market. These tests as well as the lack alternatives with similar characteristics in the market served as an argument for the Bank in favor of acquiring IBM WebSphere DataPower.

DataPower implemented 35 business services within the framework of the project. The remaining 140 business services are located on the IBM WebSphere ESB.

By combining IBM WebSphere DataPower and IBM WebSphere ESB technologies, the bank receives a hybrid to solve a variety of integration problems. Its main advantages are the ease of configuration, a high level of security, the possibility of transformation of heterogeneous IT-environments. The flagship product of IBM can be used in the future for the development of other activities of the credit institution.

«Neoflex» and «Renaissance Credit» bank are bound by years of fruitful cooperation. These are some of the joint projects: creating front-office application within SOA architecture, building a system of mandatory reporting, implementing solutions for interacting with the Federal Treasury, integration projects. All these important stages of development of the IT landscape were carried out by the bank together with «Neoflex», drawing on the experience of the company.

«Neoflex», one of the leading Russian integrators, was also entrusted to launch the updated online banking system using a modern integration platform that supports the current rules and standards.

«Convenient, fast and reliable internet service is one of the most important components of a modern IT bank — said Maria Arkhipova, Senior Vice President of Technology and Operational Support of Banking at „Renaissance Credit“. Following the implementation phase, we are satisfied with the performance, stability and the level of security of the integration solution. We plan its future development».

«We are not using IBM WebSphere DataPower in integration projects for the first time. However, for the „Renaissance Credit“ bank it was the first experience, and a very successful one» — said Ivan Shkvarun, Deputy Director of Neoflex SOA unit. «While solving multiple integration tasks, we were once again able to witness the quality and reliability of DataPower system, which the Russian companies are just beginning to adopt."

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