On April 10, Neoflex hosted a webinar focused on the experience of using Fast Data technologies in IT solutions for IT professionals and managers. Global CIO portal was the event's media partner providing the webcasting platform.

These days, Big Data collection and storage technologies are used by many businesses in various industries. It is not the accumulation of data, however, that brings tangible competitive advantages to a business, but rather the ability to use the data for analysis and management decision making.

Neoflex experts shared their experience in developing a commercial project aimed at moving data processing algorithms into the working memory of a server. The approach allowed the customer to shorten data processing time and, as a result, to accelerate its use for business purposes.

During the webinar, the audience was introduced to the architecture of an IT solution developed for a major Russian cargo company. The solution allows the customer to reduce transportation costs and, as a result, to increase cargo shipment profitability. It includes modules for monitoring, planning, forecasting, and optimization. All the modules are designed to work with a large volume of dynamically changing data and are built based on Hortonworks Data Platform with Apache Spark, Hadoop, Kafka, HDFS, PostgreSQL, and SnappyData.

A special attention was paid to the monitoring and planning modules, which accept and process over 500 events per second, enabling to forecast the stock of 180 warehouses across Russia in real-time for a week ahead with an accuracy down to a specific shipment.

Representatives of more than 60 companies, including organizations from the areas such as logistics, retail, manufacturing, and scientific research, showed the interest to the webinar subject.
The video of the webinar is available to registered users of the Global CIO portal.

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