Citadele Bank has accomplished the project collaboration with Neoflex, aimed at credit strategy optimization, using the opensource system JBoss Drools. As a result of the collaboration, the Bank has received a renewed system for decision making on individuals’ crediting. Moreover, due to this the Bank has provided the opportunities for its usage during further cooperation with corporative clients.
Citadele Bank is one of the largest banks in Latvia, it is the third largest bank in the country in terms of clientele and the sixth in terms of assets’ volume: the volume of the assets of the Bank is 2 billions EUR.
During the implementation of the retail crediting development strategy, the amount of clients has significantly increased, which led to the increase in data volume, necessary for decision-making processes. Consequently, the Bank faced the necessity of credit strategy optimization. Neoflex has been chosen as a partner for the strategy implementation due to its colossal experience in banking IT field.
Neoflex specialists designed a new data model, updated and added necessary attributes and features to the model, worked out the strategy for individuals crediting. Moreover, the company prepared the support documents for the solution based on JBoss Drools. The implementation of the project took about two months.
“It was the first project we have implemented for the Latvian banking sector. Citadele Bank is a large player in the local financial sector represented at the international level, which makes the bank’s decision to entrust this project to us even more valuable. Today the joint project is successfully accomplished within the required time limits and in accordance to all client’s requirements,” — Anton Lazebnyi, the director of Neoflex business-line “Technologies of financial markets and risk management”, comments on the collaboration.
“Thanks to Neoflex specialists, we have managed not only to implement successfully the necessary functions for the credit risk management within the deadline, but to simplify significantly the process of incoming data formation for its uploading to the system as well. We have also optimized the current credit strategy and provided the opportunity for the development of additional tools for the management of further relations with legal bodies,” — Kaspars Cikmačs, a member of the Citadele Bank board, says on the project’s results.
In future the bank is going to expand the functional specter for crediting legal bodies taking into consideration the possibility of using the software provided by Neoflex for credit strategies testing — Neoflex Strategy Testing Manager (NSTM). The NSTM solution is aimed at generation of test credit requests, files and other forms in xml format with further transmitting these filled out forms to a tested web-service. The product allows evaluating the received result with a vivid user interface with graphical support.

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