Non-bank lending company – central contracting party National Clearing Center (NCC is a member of Moscow Stock Exchange Group) – in cooperation with Neoflex has implemented the project for automation of regulatory and tax reporting. Due to the use of Big Data technology, NCC has substantially accelerated the reporting preparation process and, besides, obtained a ready storage for Big Data analytics (Data Lake) with financial information, which can be used for analytics development tasks.

Sergey Polyakov, Managing Director for information technology of Moscow Stock Exchange: “Our main goal was acceleration of regulatory and tax reporting preparation of NCC, which is demanded meeting higher regulatory requirements in accordance with its status of the qualified central contracting party in the markets of Moscow Stock Exchange. At the same time, we pursued a goal of making this process more flexible and transparent. Based on Hadoop technologies, Neoflex Reporting Big Data Edition system completely meets these requirements and can be easily scaled along with further company development without any special financial costs. We also plan to use the created functionality for development of analytics necessary for making management decisions. The use of the open source technology, meanwhile, enabled us to obtain substantial benefits due to economy on licenses for paid DBMS and ETL tools from the global software vendors”.     

High speed of the automated reporting system operation is ensured by use of the brand new technologies and tools for this class of tasks: HDFS (Hadoop) for data storage and Spark platform - supporting distributed in-memory computing – for data processing. Hadoop and Spark parallel data processing capabilities ensure high reliability and fail-safety of the system while enabling reduction of costs for server equipment and software. NCC operates as a clearing organization and central contracting party in the markets of Moscow Stock Exchange. Main objective of NCC is maintenance of stability in the serviced segments of financial market due to the highly effective and meeting international standards risk management system.

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