Implementation of the Neoflex Reporting system will allow Cetelem Bank to increase the speed of reporting and is expected to increase the efficiency of the financial departments of the bank significantly.

The entire project includes thе input of the majority of mandatory reporting forms, including such complex credit forms as 115, 118, 125, the daily calculation of ratios, as well as new forms of 123 and 127 to implement the requirements of Basel III. For the first six months of the project «Neoflex», experts deployed a data warehouse, uploaded and cleaned the data and prepared the five forms of mandatory reporting, namely: 0409101, 0409102, 0409302, 0409115, and 0409125.

Updating data in the warehouse is carried out with the help of third-party vendor solutions by using the technology of «Delta» capturing. The essence of this method in the periodic discharge from the source systems of the data that has been changed. In the case of Setelem bank, the use of such technology is necessary because it can significantly expedite the process of mandatory reporting while working with large amounts of information.

In 2013, we requested a quote for the implementation of the system of financial reporting. Preference was given to existing product solutions to reduce the cost of its maintenance, — said Boris Shelekasov, IT Director «Setelem Bank» LLC. — As a result, we chose «Neoflex» company, which proposed to automate the acquisition statements by using the Neoflex Reporting product. The first part of the project is finished. We expect a similarly prompt completion of the remaining stages.

«Before the beginning of the project, Neoflex performed a pilot project in the bank. Within just 15 days, the company’s specialists developed a form 0409115. This was followed by stress testing of the form. According to Anton Sparinapti, Director of Business Development at «Neoflex», «Test results were perfect. Moreover, the stress test showed that if the current volume of the bank were quadrupled, the time of the form calculation would be less than an hour. This fact convinced the bank that it made the right choice. The company received the task to automate the 26 mandatory reporting forms within one and a half years.

«Neoflex» and BNP Paribas Group are collaborating since 2005. CB «BNP Paribas Vostok» LLC built a data warehouse in 2008, ZAO «BNP PARIBAS» built one in 2013. An IT landscape was established in the credit institutions in which the major corporate systems support Western accounting norms. The functions related to the Russian specifics are carried out based on Neoflex Reporting, which ensures the release of more than 100 forms of regulatory and internal reporting of the bank.

«Setelem Bank» Ltd. is a joint venture of OAO «Sberbank of Russia» and BNP Paribas Personal Finance (BNP Paribas Finance staff), the consumer lending unit of the Group BNP Paribas (BNP Paribas). The Bank operates in the Russian consumer finance market, specializing in providing loans in areas of customer service, organized on the territory of the Bank’s partners’ commercial space, successfully combining Sberbank’s experience with innovative European technology.

«Setelem Bank «LLC offers its clients targeted consumer loans, including auto loans, as well as the debit and credit cards and loans for emergency needs. The Bank is an active participant in the car loan market and offers a wide range of credit products.

«Setelem Bank» LLC is constantly expanding its geographical presence. To date, the Bank is represented in 77 regions of Russia.

Bank of Russia license to conduct banking operations № 2168 from 06.27.2013, the (unlimited), BIN 1027739664260.

Official site of «Setelem Bank» LLC. —

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