Neoflex brings the best practices and IT integration technologies developed for the banking sector to the new markets and industries. Neoflex experts have completed the integration project for X5 Retail Group — one of the leading Russian food retail companies. They implemented a unique integrated solution, which allows automating the exchange of legally relevant electronic documents (LRED) of the company and electronic factoring platforms nearly without modifications of accounting systems.
The company created functionality for electronic interaction of the company with factoring platforms, ensuring the safety and integrity of the transmitted information. The integrated solution helps to modify current information exchange business processes with factoring platforms and connect to the process new partners using similar schemes.
Solution architecture is designed based on the industrial integration and BPM open source platform, which ensures the guaranteed message delivery to the debtor’s account system, application and verification of improved encrypted and certified digital signature and preservation of legally significant documents in the electronic archive. The use of project products with open source allows to minimize licensing and maintenance costs. The modular principle of architecture design ensures stability and scalability of the solution and at the same time allows for relatively fast change of the existing or integrate additional components into the system.
Alexey Makeyev, partner, SOA Business Area Director at Neoflex: “This is the first integration project of the company for the factoring business, though we did co-work with a factoring company before: in 2012, we built a data warehouse for VTB Factoring company based on its own reporting and analytic system Neoflex Reporting. To me, growth of demand for industrial integration is a result of business requirements to improvement of the speed of processing and growing volumes of transactions through EDI".
Andrew Dzhanbayev, Director for Architecture at X5 Retail Group: “Application of the Integration Gateway allows us to minimize the costs of connection to any factoring platforms and adaptation to various schemes and modes of operation in terms of business logic and technical integration. This allows us to significantly simplify and sometimes eliminate the ERP-system improvements, and significantly reduce the time of implementation of business solutions. Neoflex has helped us to implement a solution based on open source software components quickly, accurately, with a good quality and cost-effectively”.

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