Over recent years Sberbank has significantly increased the volume of loans to corporate clients. At the same time, the importance of managing the corporate loan portfolio has risen dramatically. It has become necessary to develop a solution to provide a detailed analytical report about the loan portfolios of corporate clients, and provide the regional banks with the possibility of drawing up such reports.

Neoflex was given the task of developing this solution since it has wide experience in the creation of data warehouses and reporting systems, and had shown itself to be a reliable partner in the course of developing an integration solution for the loan technology known as the Loan Factory at Sberbank.

The solution developed ensures the provision of a comprehensive analysis of the bank’s corporate loan portfolio, in particular allowing the analysis of loan portfolios by category of loan quality, types of loan product, the range of interest rates, etc. It also allows the drawing-up of lists of the biggest borrowers by sector of the economy and other analytical indices. The reports drawn up by this solution facilitate calculation of such critical portfolio parameters as the effective term till repayment of the loan, the average weighted interest rate, the amount of payment arrears, etc. Analysis of a loan portfolio can be made in respect of the entire bank, regional banks, and by department.

«The project implemented by Neoflex has facilitated a significant increase in the speed and frequency of drawing up analytical reports on corporate loan portfolios. Now, when such reports can be drawn up not only by specialists in the bank’s headquarters but also by staff in the regional banks, we are able to start improving our management processes in relation to granting loans to corporate clients, and also review the processes for managing data quality. Neoflex specialists have shown themselves to be highly qualified experts in the automation of banking reports, and they fulfilled their objective in the best manner possible, and precisely within the deadline,» said Gennadiy Shilov, projects director in the Department of Finances, and manager of the programme to create a corporate data warehouse at Sberbank.

In the course of this project Neoflex created data marts for the production of more than 20 report forms. Information which reflects the work of the regional banks in granting loans to corporate clients comes into the data marts on a daily basis. The solution facilitates control of data access by staff in the regional banks and departments. To check that the information being uploaded into the data marts is complete, consistent and accurate, a data quality control subsystem has been set up.

«This project was completed over a very small timeframe — just three months. One of the requirements on the contractor was the completion of acceptance testing of the solution using genuine data, which imposed additional obligations on it. Neoflex successfully discharged these obligations,» observes Oleg Ruban, director of the BI department at Neoflex.

Because of the results of this project, Neoflex has been chosen as one of the contractors for the next stages in the creation of Sberbank’s centralised data warehouse.

Information about Sberbank

Sberbank today is the largest credit institution in Russia and CIS, accounting for 27% of the aggregate Russian banking assets and 26% of banking capital. According to The Banker magazine, as of 1 July 2010, Sberbank was ranked 43th in the world in terms of Tier 1 capital. http://www.sbrf.ru

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