On May 24-25, Neoflex participated in the third annual conference "Financial Planning and Control in Banks", which is traditionally attended by key representatives of the banking sector.
The purpose of the event is to help banks to bring their financial policies to a higher level, adapt them to new market conditions and teach how to be more flexible.
At the conference the participants reviewed the strategies for adapting modern banks to the rapidly changing market conditions, discussed the changes concerning new IFRS 9 standards and their impact on financial planning, approaches to calculating the profit frombanking products, analyzed the process of transforming the bank reporting and considered the options for automating the banking activityplanning.
Nadezhda Kalashnikova, Neoflex Senior Consultant, shared her impressions of the conference:
"Due to participation in such events and being an employee of Neoflex Reporting, which is engaged in the automation of regular bank reporting, I am engaged in a direct dialog with representatives of leading financial organizations, and can have a cetter understatnding of the problems that customers encounter in reports preparation, including under IFRS standards. And this information, in turn, helps me work with our customers and find the best possible solutions for their daily tasks".

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