Neoflex has taken on a new partner – Lightbend, the global leader in enterprise transformation toward real-time, cloud-native applications.

The vendor's flagship product – Lightbend Platform – consists of a scalable distributed platform supporting Reactive microservices architecture, real-time data stream processing, Machine Learning, and management and observability features. It enables the creation and use of high-load online applications.

"Currently the microservice architecture is not just another IT-market trend. This very development principle is used specifically in the majority of large IT-projects related to custom development across various spheres. And Neoflex keeps a close eye on the tools and approaches, as it aims to offer its customers the best solutions for their business tasks. Partnership with Lightbend represents a perfect opportunity to open access to the globally approved solutions for our customers and specialists", – Svetlana Markova, Neoflex chief adviser, comments on the appearance of a new vendor in the company portfolio.

The platform enables tasks related to data delivery and transformation, their aggregation and analysis to be solved in real time and recommendations to be made, plus detection of anomalies and study of complex models on the online data flow.

Lightbend Platform is the most operationally robust solution for deploying Reactive Microservices, adding the ability to infuse your applications with intelligence based on real-time streaming and Machine Learning (ML). Featuring technologies like Scala, Akka, Lagom Framework, Play Framework, and Apache Kafka, Lightbend Platform also includes the best streaming data processing technologies: Apache Spark, Kafka Streams, Apache Flink, Akka Streams. And it may be deployed on all main microservice management platforms: Red Hat OpenShift, Kubernetes, IBM Cloud. It enables data monitoring, management and security using additional built-in facilities, encoding possibilities and more than 200 code vulnerability checks for the solution under development.

Neoflex specialists have already started their training in the Lightbend Academy. In the short run Lightbend Platform demo-stand swill be deployed on the Neoflex website.

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