Neoflex presents its own development—the Neoflex Adapters Platform for automation of organizations and government offices’ interaction via SMEV 3.0, which makes it possible to connect an unlimited number of services in a single window and, moreover, guarantees high performance in this class of solutions.

An active transition to a new interaction format—SMEV 3.0—began last year. And we can assume that this trend will continue to develop, and the number of new services will be increasing. At the moment, over 50 services are already available to banking institutions.

According to the new standards, the interaction between any consumers and data providers is performed via a single web service, and not only banks, but also insurance and brokerage companies, depositories, mobile operators, and other organizations can use it.

At the same time, the Neoflex Adapters Platform provides a single sign-on to SMEV 3.0 services for an unlimited access to all types of information required by organizations. And customers can connect additional services without purchasing additional modules.

The solution provides:

    •  High performance: more than 10,000,000 messages per day. Due to micro-service architecture and stream processing on the basis of Apache Kafka it can be increased.
    • Customer convenience due to the updated material design concept user interface, which makes interaction with the platform simpler and more convenient.
    • Fast new functionality commissioning.
    • Supported cryptographic information protection using CryptoPRO JCP 2.0.

Some of our customers have already successfully switched to the Neoflex Adapters Platform and have expanded the number of used SMEV 3 services.

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