On October 23, 2018, the Agile DevOps. ITSM 2018 conference took place. The conference was dedicated to the construction of flexible IT infrastructures in accordance with Agile, DevOps, ITSM, which make it possible for modern business to create and scale digital platforms for its own development.

The event gathered more than 200 participants from various economic and state administration sectors. Key conference topics were digital transformation of business, the ways and principles of using the IT-technologies that could be helpful in achieving this goal.

One of such tools is DevOps approach, which helps to implement complex IT projects was highlighted by Lina Chudnova, Head of Neoflex Engineering Department. Using the example of several cases, the business benefit was demonstrated that customers were able to get from implementing DevOps approaches. Despite the fact that the introduction required a lot of effort, after finishing the projects, the feedback from the clients showed that advantages exceeded expectations.

Thus, implementing the DevOps approach in the logistics project created transparent effective cooperation processes in the development and escort teams, the development quality and speed were increased, escorting prices were decreased.

Another project, implemented for a foreign bank was also based on the DevOps approach. During the project implementation, a microservice application development platform was created. The platform included the whole stack of technologies, patterns, application architecture library, and DevOps methodology used in the project.

The third project was completed using the DevOps tools for a client from the Russian financial sector. For this project, Neoflex experts introduced an automated regulatory reporting generation system Neoflex Reporting Big Data Edition. Major goal of the system introduction was the reduction of time for the reports formation, the part of which shall be submitted by the client on a daily basis. The use of DevOps in this project greatly reduced the time needed for applying code editions into the finished system.

Neoflex experts noticed that the use of DevOps approaches and tools brings tangible benefits to customers only when customer representatives are involved in the project implementation and development of solutions, both from IT and from business.

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