The Neoflex FrontOffice system has received additional functional features, allowing processing of leasing deals requests for motor vehicles (new or with mileage) for legal bodies and individual entrepreneurs.

Now the solution supports the full cycle of leasing request processing — fr om a client’s request to transmission of the data on vehicle’s sale to Rosinfomonitoring (Russian Federal Executive Authority for monitoring of deals and business processes).

Stages of request processing
Selection of leasing offer is carried out with leasing calculator, which allows to select automobiles and calculate a wide range of parameters which suits the client the best (for instance, parameters of an automobile, leasing period, advance payment, cash surrender value, additional service and types of insurance). The calculation takes into account donations received under state programs and bonuses provided by a brand company).

Manual input of client’s data has been minimized, and the information is collected due to the following:
  • Integration with the SPARK system (information system for data receiving and counteragents checking).
  • Integration with the ABBYY system for automated recognition (OCR) of the documents provided by a client (passport, OGRN – Primary State Registration Number and others), with the option of manual editing of the results.
Making the full request (filling out all the necessary data) is carried out due to the following:
  • Checking a client and other related bodies, including general director and beneficiaries concerning their black listing (lists of terrorists and extremists, sanction lists, public officials).
  • Request of credit history.
  • Checking passports in Federal Migration Service.
  • Analysis of financial reports and calculation of financial parameters.
  • Checking AML-factors.
  • Calculation of scoring points and available lim it (overdraft).
Analysis of received data and results of checking, as well as routing of a request for a business process is carried out according to a strategy defined within the Neoflex Decision Manager module.

The system supports automated and manual process of decision-making on request. If necessary, in case of manual checking, there is the position of an analyst, which has access to the results of all checks, data on a particular request and documents’ scans. Basing on the data, the analyst makes a decision on leasing deal conclusion under the requested conditions or, in other cases, another offer can be selected with the calculator.

Notification of a client on the Bank’s decision: immediate notification of a client on the decision via sms and /or email-messages.

Signing deal documents: preparation of documents needed for the deal (agreement, sales/purchase contract, acceptance certificate) is carried out using preset templates; package documents’ print is available as well.

The agreements data is transferred to an accounting back office system based on 1C software for further processing.

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