The Transport Control Center is an IT solution designed to increase the effectiveness of transportation planning and forecasting, as well as stock balance monitoring. The TCC operated by PEC provides highly accurate real-time loading forecasts for 189 warehouses across Russia one month in advance. Transport and warehouse logistics departments cooperate within a shared information space as part of a continuous business process.

Every second, TCC processes over 500 operations and accumulates all data required to forecast the warehouse loading parameters in order to effectively control business operations. This approach is a competitive advantage for PEC.

“First of all, this is a benefit for our clients getting a higher quality of services. The project also creates opportunities for additional optimization of internal business processes and the entire logistics planning system," comments PEC’s Executive Director, Sergey Semenenko.

In terms of technology, the TCC is based on the stack of Open Source BigData and FastData technologies: the microservices are written using Akka Framework, and Spark Streaming was utilized to solve the stream processing tasks. Message communication between the components is ensured via Apache Kafka topics. Scaling and enhancement became much easier due to the microservice architecture. This architecture is based on three types of databases: the operational data are stored in IMDB, express reports are generated using PostgreSQL, while Hadoop cluster serves to store the historical data. 

Neoflex’s partner, Alexey Makeev, tells about the project: “From the technological viewpoint, the TCC is a unique solution for the Russian market. Together with the customer, we have managed to design and implement a digital platform allowing us to create an automated logistics operation model. For us, such projects are the best indicators of how the digital transformation helps our clients in their business development.

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