This integration project is part of a project to introduce at the Bank the Atlas2 platform for the automation of the bank’s main business, which is standard for the BNP Group.

The integration means will ensure the interaction of the Atlas2 system, which will be the basis for automating the Bank’s business, and the Russian ABS, which is currently being used to provide the keeping of Russian accounts and creation of reports. The project will implement two-way data exchange and secure the transfer between systems of both accounting (accounts, entries, documents), and also product information (transactions and transaction operations).

The project is planned for nine months and provides for the staged implementation of the interfaces for different facilities. At present the project’s first stage has been completed. The system software and hardware which has been put into commercial operation under the first stage is already providing the real time transfer of referenced and accounting data between systems.

Neoflex is now working on the next stage of the project which provides for the implementation of the interface for transfer of information on various kinds of transaction: International Bank Cards, FX, Loans and deposits, securities, etc.

The IBM WebSphere ProcessServer V6 solution is intended for developing applications based on standard components for business integration, and their use in an SOA environment. The WebSphere ProcessServer solution, which is based on the reliable J2EE 1.4 infrastructure and the corresponding platform services provided by the WebSphere Application Server V6, offers the client a broad range of options which help to achieve the integration tasks of modern business, including the automation of business processes. This solution, which fully corresponds to the IBM WebSphere Integration Reference Architecture, supplements the broad set of IBM solutions for business integration with new, powerful functions.

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