In 2014, Neoflex announced the launching of a new product — Neoflex Integra, which was being developed with creating service groups for business areas and the heart of which was a general canonical model containing a necessary list of applied objects and relationship among them, and some separate services were united into business processes according to lines of activity of the financial institution (RBS, loan pipeline, banking operations).

The project at M2M Private Bank became one of the introductions of Neoflex Integra, within the framework of which the following information systems of the bank have been integrated: RBS, back office ABS and CRM as well as external plastic card processing.

As a result, customers of M2M Private Bank received a new, substantially more convenient, modern RBS service and the quality of the service increased. In particular, thanks to the product Neoflex Integra, the possibility to perform internal transfers and foreign exchange transactions with the bank customers’ accounts in 24/7 mode was added, and the online writing off of amounts from the cards excluded the technical overdraft risk for customers.

According to Aleksey Piskunov, Director of IT Department of the bank, and Viktor Plyushchev, Head of Internet Technology and Integration Department, the Neoflex specialists worked at a high professional level, having proved themselves during the project implementation a flexible, coordinated team focused for the customer’s needs as much as possible and interested in the most effective and operative decision of arising problems. As a result, Neoflex Integra was introduced in the shortest terms: for three months in total, instead of five as it had been planned initially.

The product Neoflex Integra is unique in the integration market. It is not just a box solution, but a new approach to the construction of the SOA landscape. The introduced concepts of the service level and the data model forming the basis of Neoflex Integra make it possible to build at a bank a logic integration layer that will make the bank processes independent of the channel or capabilities of the systems installed in the credit institution, and the IT landscape will be more transparent. The integration layer will promote the further improvement of the IT landscape in an evolutionary way, both with the simultaneous use of obsolete systems taken out of service and the newly implemented ones.

«We offered the bank an optimum solution of its business task and proved ourselves a reliable partner. From its part, the bank approved itself a very competent customer, having provided a high quality of the initial problem definition and the reasonable flexibility when performing it. Thanks to the use of advantages of the product approach — Neoflex Integra, as well as the high professionalism of the team that implemented this successful project, we hope for the further cooperation with the bank,» Aleksey Makeyev, Partner, Head of Neoflex SOA Practice, said.

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