"Neoflex" was the major partner in the development and implementation of the unified integration layer within the framework of the multi-year IT infrastructure development program adopted by VTB 24, which envisions a complete replacement of the retail platform.

Universal Banking Service Layer (UBSL) is an integration solution that occupies a central place in the IT landscape, and provides for all the basic business operations by VTB24. It is used for servicing all customers via any communication channel.

The project required the customer to technologically separate its sales channels from the bank product systems, ensure the use of a centralized customer information database and support the "single window" principle of customer service. The main business issue solved by the introduction of UBSL is ensuring a complete product offering in all sales channels. UBSL covers the needs of the electronic retail business (call-center and Internet banking), customer service in offices, as well as cash management and credit and deposit services to individuals, managing card accounts, conducting marketing campaigns.

UBSL solutions represent a single logical layer separating front office applications from the bank’s back-office systems. The cross-channel and inter module implementation of technological processes ensure their isolation from the end user interface: the user provides customer service without thinking about the technical implementation and without knowing which system is currently running.

Creating UBSL is one of the largest integration projects in the industry. The solution is unique in terms of scale, the volume of processed information, and the number of implemented components, operating in production mode.

Introduction of UBSL allows to serve more than 15 million customers of VTB24 throughout Russia, from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, in all time zones through any channels of communication, bringing together more than 20 IT-systems of the bank into a logically unified information space.

Running UBSL gives VTB24 an ability to develop the IT-landscape quickly and efficiently in accordance with the increasing needs of the business. UBSL can simultaneously support the interaction of old and newly introduced systems and, if necessary, provide flexible control over the systems functionality.

USBL was developed based on the Oracle SOA Suite product line. Oracle ESB and Oracle BPM industrial platforms allow the solution to meet the highest performance and reliability requirements.

Denis Guzowski, Deputy Director of the Department of Banking and Information Technology at VTB24: "We tested the solution and are convinced that we made the right choice that will allow us to continue moving forward. Although we already achieved significant results together with "Neoflex”, we realize that we received only the first version, and are actively preparing for the next steps. Today the foundation is created for the technological integration platform, which VTB24 will use for decades. "

Elena Lukutina, Partner, Director of Operations at "Neoflex": "This is a truly global and multifaceted project at VTB24 which expanded the rich project experience of the company’s experts in the field of creating SOA-landscapes. This is an unprecedented project in many ways: there was an impressive number of services; the size of the project team was large (70 people); it faced a broad list of great challenges. This project required us step up to a new level in all areas-architectural, technological and managerial. We had to significantly rebuild all the processes within the company in order to carry out an enormous amount of work on time with the highest quality".

Constantine Harin, Director, Department of Financial Sector Operations, and Oracle Russia: "We entered the era of highly complex enterprise systems based on the Oracle SOA Suite platform. Few people in the world can work professionally with platforms of such level, and we are pleased that in Russia, we found such a partner, “Neoflex”. This partner thoroughly studied the properties of the platform. As a result, our largest customer, VTB24 was able get all the benefits from the use of the platform.

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