Lina Chudnova, head of Engineering Practices of Process Automation at Neoflex, made a presentation at Banks IT DAY 2018, a conference focuses on state-of-the-art technologies for the banking sector. The event that attracted several hundreds of representatives from various sectors including banks was organized by news and analytics website Tadviser.

In her presentation, Lina explained how the DevOps approach helps to facilitate, accelerate and make more efficient the process of development and deployment of complex IT solutions. The benefits of the approach for customers’ business were demonstrated using Neoflex projects as an example.

One of the projects involved building an Open API for rendering banking services to external partners. As part of the project, a microservices architecture based application was developed for implementing the Open API, an integrated ecosystem for development and control of microservice configurations in environments was created, CI/CD update delivery processes were automated, application monitoring and log analysis infrastructure were deployed in addition to building a high availability and disaster recovery environments.   

A second project focused on describing the capabilities of the DevOps approach for building a data lake and analytical systems. The project for deploying Neoflex Reporting Big Data Edition, a regulatory banking reporting system, involved the automation of CI/CD processes, development of an automated synthetic data testing methodology and an update building mechanism accounting for inter-object and inter-version dependencies of the solution. All this has enabled maintaining the high speed and quality while deploying the highly sophisticated technology solution.

Banking sector traditionally has been one of the most active users of new technologies. Innovations help loan businesses save IT budgets and lay foundation for getting a competitive advantage. That is why the potential of using the DevOps approach for addressing complex challenges in the area of IT solutions development and deployment is highly appreciated and actively studied by professionals at banking IT departments.

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