Despite the fact that many saw it as a next-generation technology, a sort of a deferred future, expecting first cases of its practical use in business interests to appear, for a long time Big Data had been treated like a new technology that hadn’t proved its efficiency. But the time passed and Big Data were no longer a novelty for Russian IT-market. Today business is interested in a practical aspect of Big Data in a particular sector, namely – financial one.

Three pillars of one technology

Big Data technology is based on information’s characteristics, so-called three V: volume – processing of large amounts of data; variety – heterogeneity of data and velocity – quick processing of large amounts of online data. Moreover, today there is a tendency to similar data typing and segmentation for analysis. So it’s reasonable to leave such quality as variety to Google, Yandex and Facebook, which specialize in processing of a heterogeneous data.

When it comes to the use of Big Data in financial sector, two particular characteristics come to prominence – large amounts of data and the possibility for stream data processing. In other words it is about the use of large amounts of accumulated homogenous data.

Full text of the interview is published in Russian on Connect.

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