One of the most popular and rapidly developing areas of big data analytics is solving marketing tasks. Members of telecommunication and financial industries as well as insurance companies and retailers seek to learn about their customers as much as possible and develop unique proposals for them using both corporate data and external sources, primarily social networks. This process faces organizational barriers that have no established practices of overcoming. Still, the achieved results are no doubt of value for business.
Anton Popov, IT Architect of Neoflex Consulting JSC, is convinced that the availability of large data amounts alone doesn’t make marketing better: you should meet the increased requirements for accuracy and speed of decision-making based on this information as well.
Big data technologies dissolve the boundaries between the desired and the possible. Tasks that couldn’t be solved a few years ago or were solved only with serious investments involved, now cease to be difficult.
The data that is used to address marketing-related business problems these days and 20 years ago are completely different. Previously, transactions of sales outlets were analyzed, direct correspondence history, and so on. Now it’s online shopping data, social media content, mobile device usage, geolocation and many other things. In addition to data expansion, the need for accuracy and speed of decision-making based on this information has greatly increased. The availability of large data sets alone doesn’t make marketing better. Big data is the information based on which ideas are born and actions are taken for efficient marketing.
It is important for companies to develop security policies and monitor adherence to them on a regular basis. The role of functional managers when performing analytical tasks will be reduced to informing IT about plans for using SaaS services and creating requests for access to them. The tasks of monitoring, ensuring secure encrypted access and preventing data breaches will remain within the responsibility of IT security specialists.
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Source: ComNews

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