Integration of applications

The integration of any information systems with the use of ESB, microservices, Open API and other technologies.

Key advantages:

  • Experience in building the largest high-loaded integrated solutions at the Federal level
  • The most potent, dedicated team in the market specialized in the integration of applications
  • A wide range of platforms for integration from IBM and Oracle to Red Hat and Kafka
  • Cross-industrial expert examination

Neoflex implemented the first integration project in Russia with the use of ESB in 2005.

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systems interacting within a single solution
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Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is based on system interaction in the IT landscape via the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) which enables repeated use of business services and exchange of processes as well as interactions between applications using configuration instead of programming.

Microservice architecture allows the user to move from the use of large monolithic solutions to a suite of individual applications solving small tasks and interacting with each other or with other systems. Use of microservices enables a substantial reduction in the time needed to introduce new functionality, a more flexible introduction of changes, control of the download of individual components and solving scaling tasks on-the-fly.

Convenient access of partners and customers to business processes and customer services with the ability of access control and management is provided by Open API. Creation and development of Open API enable organizations to increase their presence in the digital communications market. Examples of such a presence include optimization of operations with partners in a b2b format, the ability to offer services to customers not only via mobile applications but also via partners' applications and websites. The scope of works on Open API includes the solution of issues on API development and alteration regulations, implementation of access security systems for external clients - authentication, authorization, and related tasks.

Sharing of integration platforms, microservices and Open API enables integrated end-to-end automation of interaction from clients and partners of the customer to its internal information systems.

Sharing of these technologies within a single solution enables the combination of high functionality and reliability of enterprise integration platforms for the solution of transportation tasks with flexibility, scalability, and speed of adding new functionality in microservice architecture for the implementation of business functions.
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10 Ноября 2016

How banks solve the problem with data transfer to State information system of housing and public utilities (SIS HPU)

Oleg Ruban, Neoflex Development Director tells about problems that banks encounter with SIS HPU system, ways...

02 Сентября 2015

Is a merger without loss possible?

«Banki i delovoy mir», September, 2015. Alexey Makeyev, partner, Head of the SOA business direction...

20 Июля 2015

Round table «New approaches and unresolved issues in M&A market»

The National Banking Journal, July 2015. On the round table of the National Banking Journal...

04 Декабря 2009

Flexibility as the main requirement on an IT-landscape credit conveyor

Oleg Baranov, managing partner at Neoflex, on the problems of automating bank credit processes.

13 Сентября 2016

Neoflex and Bank Round provide MegaFon with the payment card

The Neoflex has finished the integration of IT-systems of LLC Bank Round and OJSC MegaFon

05 Сентября 2016

Neoflex Created IT Electronic Factoring Infrastructure for X5

Neoflex creates IT electronic factoring infrastructure for X5 Retail Group based on the industrial...

15 Июня 2016

The Neoflex Solution became the foundation of the business of Touch Bank

The Neoflex company developed IT architecture and implemented a number of key solutions on the automation of...

23 Марта 2015

The CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW launched e-document management with the notaries based on Neoflex Adapters

The CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW (CBM) with the help of Neoflex creates a platform for...

22 Января 2015

Joint Project of RN Bank and Neoflex

Neoflex develop RN Bank’s integrated car loan administration solution based on Neoflex...

13 Января 2015

YAR Bank Launches Retail With Neoflex

Neoflex together with YAR Bank has completed a large-scale project that allowed building...

11 Декабря 2014


For the category «The best IT-solution for retail banks», the award of the Retail...

11 Ноября 2014

The Best Strategic Project for VTB24 by Neoflex

VTB24 bank project was acknowledge by Oracle experts as one of the best IT Projects in 2014 at The Oracle Day...

10 Ноября 2014

Fast and Secure Internet Bank: Cooperation between «Renaissance Credit» and «Neoflex» Continues

«Neoflex» company implemented integration of the new Internet banking using modern hardware and...

09 Сентября 2014

Universal Banking Services Layer by «Neoflex»is a Powerful IT Foundation for VTB24

«Neoflex» company launched one of the Russian market’s largest integration solutions based...

13 Ноября 2012

The first stage of implementing Neoflex Reporting at Svyaz Bank is now complete

Neoflex specialists have completed the first stage of this extensive project to create...

18 Октября 2012

Neoflex has completed work to integrate remote banking services into the IT landscape at SDM Bank

In the course of this project processes for data exchange between the bank’s information...

21 Февраля 2012

IT as figure skating

NeoflexDay 2012. Support from the IT-vendors’ becoming critical for banks....

22 Декабря 2005

Neoflex has successfully completed the first stage of an integration project for BNP Paribas Bank on the basis of the IBM WebSphere Process Server V6

Neoflex has announced the successful completion of the first stage of the integration project...