Provision of accessibility and continuous adaptation of high-loaded solutions to growing business needs.

Key advantages:

  • An integrated approach to fault prevention—proactive monitoring and operating analytics of machine data.
  • The fully automated process of platforms and applications configuration management.
  • Specialized tools to provide accessibility: intellectual balance maker, hot standby, load dampers, etc.

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A distinctive feature of our approach is the focus on fault prevention. Completeness of coverage and speed of analysis are ensured by vertical data integration from the level of hardware resources monitoring indicators to business indicators. The tasks of operating and analytical reporting, as well as exposure of complex dependencies between indicators, are fulfilled by employing specialized tools of machine data handling.

In situations when it's impossible to prevent a fault the main task is to recover solution workability as promptly as possible. This is achieved due to the prepared and preconfigured toolbox allowing a partial or complete switch of the workload to hot copies in few seconds.

The proprietary tool for automation of configuration management process allows a significant increase in speed and quality of reconfiguration as well as a reduction of requirements for an employees' qualification. In addition, this approach provides for solving of the documenting task—the description language and the configuration storage format are self-explanatory.
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