Cargo transportation control center

System for management of cargo transportation efficiency based on BigData and FastData technologies.

Key advantages:

  • Flexible design tool for a description of the company logistics model
  • Intellectual planning of transportation with the use of machine learning methods
  • Estimation of stock balance for a month ahead with drill-down to individual cargo
  • Data-flow analysis and predictive exposure to potential incidents
  • Integration of telemetric data and information about traffic jams
hauls every day
rules for trip planning
cargo movements per second
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How does this work?

A specialized design tool enables development and support of the company logistics model at the rules and templates level.

The solution implements a real-time calculation of the stock balance estimate with drill-down to individual cargo. Speed and granularity level are ensured due to the use of an In-Memory technology application and data-flow computing.

Online integration with external services providing information about traffic jams and telemetric data enables the most up to date estimate of transport arrival and delivery terms to be obtained.

The solution enables automation of the process for planning trips and cargo handling operations without human participation based on the logistics model, data on the cargo movement and estimation of acceptance of cargos acquired utilizing self-learning algorithms.

Application of FastData technology enables the
analysis of information, and the establishment of criteria of events preceding
the incident, and prediction of potential incidents based on these criteria; all of this is in real-time.
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