Credit scoring

Automation of decision making on loan applications based on business rule management systems (BRMS).
Key advantages:
  • The best practices of credit strategy configuration for retail and SME.
  • Design of decision-making strategies without programming.
  •  Off-the-shelf components: connectors to different credit bureaus, erasing credit history from duplicates, calculation of real debt burden, etc.
  • Gauging the creditworthiness of a customer and making decisions on products and terms based on their credit risk (risk-based pricing approach).
  • Various BRMS platforms: JBoss Drools, FICO DM.
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How does this work?
Automation of decision making on a loan application involves the customization of rules for a comprehensive analysis of a potential borrower: social and demographic factors, financial state, history of relations with the creditor, credit history quality, profile in social networks and many others. Consideration of all these factors requires the application of Neoflex project experience on interaction with the majority of the known information sources, and providing of uninterrupted operation of high-loaded loan conveyors, at peak load of tens of thousands applications per day.
The work with the bank’s customer base is both a part of cross-selling of credit and other products and an element of risk control and management procedures. Regular analysis of the customer, getting of the credit bureau triggers upon significant events such as withdrawal of a substantial credit at another bank, overdue indebtedness, etc. opens up ample opportunities for a prompt response to events. Specifically, optimization of a customer’s credit card limit enables the reduction of potential credit losses, while the increase of the limit or an accepted new credit offer made to a customer owning a large deposit, provides an increase of income and improvement in customer loyalty. Neoflex offers to the business user a convenient toolbox for monitoring their customer base and credit portfolio, helping mitigate risks and increase sales.


Automation of the business process of changing credit limits on the basis of FICO Blaze Advisor

Implementation of the solution based on FICO Blaze Advisor platform for the formation of the pre-approved offers

Implementation of FICO Origination Manager Decision Module and implementation of decision-making strategies on a loan application

Implementation of FICO Capstone Decision Accelerator for the tasks of multistage automatic check of a borrower, scoring and credit finding delivery

Automated decision-making on a loan application based on FICO Origination Manager Decision Module (OM DM)

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