FICO is the leading developer of analytical software which helps organizations in more than 80 countries to make decisions that drive profitability and customer satisfaction. FICO develops analytical software and other tools for risk management, anti-fraud, build mutually beneficial relationship, optimize operations and meet the regulatory requirements in different sectors of the economy. FICO solutions leverage open-source standards and, if necessary, cloud technologies that enable maximum flexibility, speeded deployment and cost reduction.

During the long history of partnership Neoflex consultants have implemented more than 30 implementation projects of different FICO software products. The expertise of the analysts and technical team of specialists that covers such spheres as loan application decision making, debt management, loan portfolio management (credit card limit management and cross-sell), application anti-fraud, and AML.
  • Loan application decision making
    FICO solutions help to take into account and analyse all important factors in loan application of individuals or legal entities. Using the integration options of FICO products, analytics, powerful systems for decision making and an intuitive interface for processing applications, Neoflex clients make quick and right decisions reducing risks, increasing profit, and improving effectiveness of their work ensuring compliance with regulations.
  • Debt management
    FICO solutions for debt management allow to decrease losses without additional resources mobilizing. FICO analysis tools and software help organizations to decrease the level of debts, manage the priority of actions taking into account risk assessment, choose optimum strategies for passing debts to collection agencies and find the most effective way to interact with each client.
  • Loan portfolio management
    Neoflex specialists help companies to develop successful client-oriented strategies using FICO software taking into account the behaviour changes of the client, economic conditions and legislative requirements. Thanks to profound analysis, predictive models and multichannel means of communication Neoflex specialists will design a solution allowing to define your key clients, what and when you should offer them and how to communicate with them in order to ensure the most profitable interaction with them.
  • Application anti-fraud
    Neoflex consultants provide comprehensive risk management solutions related to application anti-fraud. A single platform provides clients with enterprise scalable tools for application anti-fraud within the entire client life cycle.