Management of Master Data

Solutions for investment banks and managing companies for processing of key information: Security Master, market data, IPV, corporate activities, unified reference book of customers and contractors.

Key advantages:

  • The most experienced accredited partner of Golden Source: since 2012 we have carried out the most of our implementations including banks of the world TOP-100. 
  • The best data model in the market has been continuously developed for more than 25 years with participation of the world's leading financial institutions affiliated with the EDM Council consortium.
  • Tight schedule of implementation due to the large amount of preconfigured functionality which may be quickly adapted to a particular customer’s requirements.
  • High performance and reliability: GoldenSource solutions are used in the world’s largest financial institutions such as HSBC, Deutsche Bank, and Standard&Poor with the volume of financial instruments being 15+ million.
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How does this work?

Neoflex solutions for management of master data are implemented based on the best-in-class software product, GoldenSource 360 EDM. GoldenSource 360EDM is a modular software platform which includes a data model with mechanisms of metadata management, a workflow configuration tool, as well as designer of screen interfaces and reports. The platform is implemented with the use of Oracle and Java state-of-the-art enterprise technologies which ensure high performance and solution reliability.  Features of the solution cover all key areas of financial data management:

  • Intelligent master reference book of financial instruments (Security Master)
  • Automation of corporate activities management: download, generation of master records, flexible process customization for STP processing
  • Automation of market data management (download, cleaning, algorithmic validation and visualization including profitability curves and volatility planes)
  • Independent price verification (IPV)
  • Management of master data of customers and contractors, generation of a master record "unified customer" based on crisp and fuzzy logic
  • Management of other master data (products, portfolios, classifiers etc.) 
Another important distinctive feature of the platform is a large number of preconfigured connectors to services of the world's leading data providers: Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, SIX Telekurs, D&B, Moscow Exchange, etc. enabling quick and cost-effective connection of external data sources to the system. Support of interaction formats with external data providers in this case is performed by the GoldenSource support desk.
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31 Марта 2014

The Neoflex specialists implemented the GoldenSource system in the National Settlement Depository

Neoflex carried out a unique project, which resulted in a launch of a complex...