Neoflex Datagram

Platform for Big Data Management and Analytics.

Key advantages:

  • Visual development and automated code generation in Scala language (the Spark library)
  • Lower entry price for Big Data coders.
  • Use of machine learning libraries and business rules during the phase of data transformation
  • Data analysis using Python and R languages 
  • Stream processing and Apache Kafka integration
How does this work?

Developers and analysts produce visual diagrams of complex hierarchical processes for data processing using the Datagram user interface. The system generates source code in Scala language, assembles the application, deploys it, plans its execution and its subsequent monitoring. 

Industry-standard relational databases, structured text files (XML, СSV, JSON), and specific to Big Data PARQUET and ORC format files can be used as data sources for the application. Apache Kafka is used as a source for stream data processing. 

Neoflex Datagram lowers the competence requirement in Big Data technologies for staff, and ensures the speed and quality of the development process by automatical code generation from visual models .

The Neoflex Datagram can be applied to any tasks related to big data processing; for example, building data marts, enriching the data on the basis of business rules, discovering and forecasting emergencies, such as hardware failures and fraudulent activities during stream data processing. The Neoflex Datagram also helps in detecting hidden dependencies, forecasting, clustering and classifying data using machine-learning algorithms.

The Neoflex Datagram can deploy applications in runtime environments, plan application execution, monitor and manage runtime environments.

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