The Neoflex Company has created more than 450 integration solutions in the largest Russian and western banks, through which over 45 million messages pass daily. This extensive experience is embodied in Neoflex Integra — a product, which is based on the total canonical model containing the required list of application objects and relations between them.

The reality of a highly competitive market requires the collection of information among a variety of applications to respond to customer requests faster than the competitors, to review business processes and their rapid adjustment regularly and to launch new products and services. Moreover, if you inherited a heterogeneous IT landscape, where there are no common standards of information exchange, business is conducted in different regions and time zones, then a new concept of business integration and information technology is required.

The implementation of Neoflex Integra is available both on open-source platforms, and on commercial platforms, such as IBM or Oracle.

  • Data Model
    A canonical model is a general canonical model containing the required list of application objects and relations between them. This model is positioned as the best practice of  SOA-landscape development of leading players in IT industry such as IBM and Oracle. It includes over 300 business objects.
  • Services Model

    It is a minimum required amount of atomic services for their subsequent integration into business processes according to the activity areas of a financial organization. Due to a combination of various services, a specific solution, which is designed on the basis of the services model, can be projected on the business of any scale. The model consists of over 150 business services + technical services.

  • Adapters/Connections

    The range of adapters includes the most common models of Core Banking Systems of CFT, Inversion, Diasoft, and New Athena companies. In addition to the Core Banking Systems, the range includes the adapters for Way4 and SmartVista processing systems. Front-line systems are presented with the adapters for Siebel CRM and Terasoft, such popular DBS as DBS CN BSS, StepUp, and iSimple. In total, the range includes over 20 adapters.

The Neoflex Integra product is unique on the integration market. It is not only a packaged product, but it is a new approach to the development of  SOA-landscape . The introduced concepts of the level of service and data model, creating the basis of Neoflex Integra, allow you to build a logical integration layer of a bank that will manage the entire banking processes, make them independent of a channel or functions, implemented into the systems of a credit institution, and make the IT landscape more transparent. The integration layer will help to further improve the IT landscape in an evolutionary way with the simultaneous use of obsolete, decommissioned systems, and implemented new ones.

Advantages of Neoflex Integra

Reduced SOA-project cost due to the use of  ready-made components. Besides, the implementation on an open source platform will result in additional saving on licenses and effective import substitution without a loss as an integration product.

Depending on a business task that a customer is going to solve, Neoflex offers the optimal product packaging, including the supply of necessary components, services, and data models. A flexible licensing policy is used.

Neoflex Integra is based on the expertise of Neoflex in developing integration solutions.