Neoflex Reporting Big Data Edition

The first Russian platform to use the Big Data technologies stack for automation of various reporting types: the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, tax, and management reporting.

Key advantages:

  • High-speed calculation of forms and indicators due to the use of parallel in-memory computing and Big Data technologies 
  • The flexibility of indicator calculation adjustment, the creation of its own reports and interpretations without involving the IT Department
  • More convenient data handling than compared with MS Excel 
  • Saving ownership costs, providing ample opportunities for scaling, and ensuring a high fault tolerance level.
Preconfigured reporting forms
<30 minutes
from download to a complete report
350 +
Preconfigured checks of data quality
20 +
customers from the TOP-100 banks
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How does this work?

The Hadoop & Stark-based solution, compared with traditional technology solutions, enables a significant increase in data handling, due to in-memory calculations not requiring to save intermediate results to HDD. The efficiency of data handling and the development process itself are increased with the use of the Neoflex Datagram - a proprietary platform for the visual development of Big Data applications enabling Scala code generation without programming.

The flexible interface enables business users to set up algorithms of report and indicator calculation, and create their own reports and interpretations without involving their IT departments. All changes are logged, and you can always see the exact data that the reports are based on, thanks to the embedded history mechanisms.

The use of open-source software and low-end hardware enables significant savings in the system ownership costs, while increasing reliability and fault tolerance.

In addition to the quick and reliable solution, the customer obtains a readymade Data Lake with financial information to use for their analytical purposes.

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