Support and credits to SMEs

A solution to automate the sales process, to manage the client database, to issue credits and provide support to SMEs. 

Key advantages:

  • Structured digital client profiles with complete information on the type of their business, and their specific business activities
  • Individual selection of the document management route for non-standard deals.
  • Automation of credit committees and approval services units.
  • Accounting of affiliated parties and visualization of a related party’s structure
Updating client profiles from SPAMF and other sources
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How does this work?

The solution allows client databases to be managed along with the generation of detailed client profiles for better cooperation. The 360 customer view supports a complete interaction history with clients, cross-sell and up-sell offerings, generation of related party groups, as well as group debt calculation.

The flexible application processing selection allows an individual approach to non-standard deals. The solution supports operation with the following credit deals: pledges and surety.