We use cutting edge technologies to ensure success in the digital transformation . In the modern fast pacing world, when new technologies blazing fast, it is critical to select platforms and components, which will allow to meet functional, performance and high-availability requirements the in the most efficient and effective manner.

Microservice Architecture

Neoflex designs solutions applying the microservice architecture. In this case each service functions in its own process and communicates with others using simple methods of integration interaction.

In-Memory Data Grid

The In-memory Data Grid technology ensures storage of large quantities of data in the random-access memory using a distributed cluster. It helps to create linear scalable fault-tolerant solutions without changing their architecture. Neoflex offers solutions applying the leading open-source In-Memory Data Grid platforms: Apache Ignite, Apache Geode, SnappyData.

Big Data Analytics

Use the whole power of the up-to-date technologies of Big Data for integration and data analysis with the help of visual tools.

Fast Data Architecture

To deal with new tasks new approaches and new technologies capable of processing millions of messages every second are required. To deal with these issues the Fast Data Architecture (a set of technologies and architectural solutions) is used.