Up-to-date IT products set increasingly higher requirements to the speed and volume of processed data. Solutions demanding processing of millions of transactions every second and billions of entries in real time are applied in many industries: fraud prevention solutions in the financial sector, a wide range of IoT tasks in the manufacturing industry, transport and agriculture, real-time analysis tasks for the Ad Tech sector.
The In-memory Data Grid technology ensures the storage of data in the random-access memory using a distributed cluster. It helps to create linear scalable fault-tolerant solutions without changing their architecture. Neoflex offers solutions applying the leading open-source In-Memory Data Grid platforms: Apache Ignite, Apache Geode, SnappyData.

 Performed tasks:

  • Real Time Data Mart: creation of data marts for accessing information stored in high-load transactional systems, such as ABS, ERP. This approach helps to reduce the load for the initial system and significantly shorten the response time for data requests.
  • Stream analytics: the use of streaming data from external sources together with internal data marts helps to analyse, detect anomalies and react to them in the online mode.
  • Operational BI: the fundamental idea of Operational BI is to transfer the traditional BI data aggregation technique with different measurements, to get reports based on historical data and to make ad-hoc requests directly to "live sources".